Saturday, June 17, 2006


Written by Hombre Divertido

No No Nacho!

Jack Black is like a caged animal in his new film Nacho Libre. Not because he takes on the role of a wannabe professional wrestler with great intensity and ferociousness, but because he is restrained by a weak script and plodding direction. Both of which can be blamed on Co-writer and Director Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite).

Anyone who saw Orange County knows that Jack Black is quite capable of playing an outrageous character, and we get brief glimpses of his skill in this film; unfortunately far too brief.

It is as if he is breaking free of the cage near the end of the film as he begins singing in the locker room. Then, he has to go wrestle. Actually they both do. Nacho with the villain in the film, and Jack with the script and direction.

It is obvious that Jared Hess is going for the same type of subdued story and characterizations that he delivered so beautifully in Napoleon Dynamite, but he is missing so much, as are we the audience.

Hess does not have the supporting cast that he had in ND. He does not have the wonderfully woven storylines, or the interesting characters surrounding his lead. What he does have is unexplored supporting characters, and a one-dimensional story that never goes anywhere. The music is as complementing to the film as it was in ND, so if you like a film with an interesting sound track, well…no, just say no.

Recommendation: For a more enjoyable experience with Jack Black, rent the 2002 film Orange County. For a more enjoyable film about wrestling, rent the 2000 film Ready to Rumble. For a more enjoyable Jared Hess film, rent Napoleon Dynamite. Enjoy the triple feature with some Nachos rather than seeing Nacho Libre.