Monday, June 04, 2007

The Beach Boys: The Warmth of the Sun

Written by Hombre Divertido

Touted as being compiled and sequenced by The Beach Boys themselves, one might wonder how and when since recent entertainment news reports have them squabbling in court. One might also wonder if the fact that they chose which songs to use, and the order in which to place them, really warrants the re-selling of this music.

One might wonder a lot of things; but once you listen to all 28 tracks, you’ll be happy you did. In that mix you will find songs you have heard before, some you may have not heard before, and at least one that you may have heard before, but not by The Beach Boys. Unfortunately; it is the latter that is not only one of the biggest surprises, but disappoints on the CD as well.

With their ability to harmonize, you would have though that The Beach Boys’ rendition of the Mamas and Papas classic “California Dreamin’” would have been better, but sadly, it fails in the inevitable comparison. The composition is awkward, and the harmony is not all that it could be or should be.

If The Beach Boys cover of another group’s classic is the worst thing on a CD with 28 tracks, you can only imagine what the other 27 tracks consist of. No need to imagine; this is worth obtaining. If not for the classics such as “Catcha Wave,” “409,” “You’re So Good To Me,” and “The Warmth of the Sun,” then for the more rarely heard “Disney Girls,” “Don’t Go Near The Water,” “Feel Flows,” and many more. The true fan will appreciate the chance to hear these cuts while someone less educated on The Beach Boys’ library of music will appreciate the history lesson.

To provide a qualified answer to the question posed in the first paragraph; the fact that The Beach Boys did sequence these themselves may indeed warrant the re-selling of this music. Though technology may allow us to do it ourselves, the effort is appreciated. Listening to all 28 tracks in a row does paint a nice picture. There is a pleasant flow to the story being told whether that story is simply of The Warmth of the Sun, or of a group of talented artists, who were ahead of their time and whose longevity, durability, and quality of their music is as endless as the Southern California summer.

Recommendation: Will make a great Father’s Day gift