Friday, June 15, 2007

Little White Lie: Honesty

Written by Fumo Verde

If you like music with a little harder edge than you have heard on the radio these days, then Little White Lie might be the band you've been waiting for. Fresh from winning the 2007 Orange County Music Awards for best Hard Rock Artist, Little White Lie brings us their debut album Honesty and once hearing it, one can understand why the Lie won the award. Fierce guitar chords powered up with thumping bass lines and volatile drumbeats give Little White Lie their hard rock stripes and they can wear them with pride. Bring in front woman Jennifer Loe and now you have a band that contains the total package. Her vocal talent blends well with the style of rock the instruments bring to the table.

Loe may be the singer, but don't call the rest of the band her backup. Ben Conroy's drumming is incredible and the power he contains could light up a small town. Add Matt Jones on the bass and the pure brute strength of the band comes alive. Mix in the guitar fury of Jake Boxer with Mike Muenzer’s amazing guitar style, and “Boom,” Little White Lie comes at you like a bat out of hell.

The first song "Eternal Sleep" opens up in your face and doesn't apologize. At first, I thought I had put in an old Iron Maiden CD. Loe has the range to follow and fly with the guitars chords Boxer and Muenzer are taking off with, and I say "taking off" because these two katz fly, into the stratosphere, babies. "Lie and Wait" is a song of sorrow and pain reflected not only by the words, "My eyes filled with tears/ left me blind/ now I feel alone./ Bruised and broken my life/ from chocking down these words/ you say won't go away”, but by the melody itself. The music soars to the highest part of the heavens and grinds you down all the way to the gates of hell, then back again.

Honesty, though it only has six tracks is packed with power and passion, you can hear right from the start. Their music has meaning that comes at you full throttle. It's honest and raw, hence the name of the CD, and it opens up a darker side of the O.C., one beyond punk and pop. Little White Lie is going off and gathering fans as they rock the O.C. music circuit and with the strength of a supernova nothing can stop them. Check them out on their Myspace page or go see them live—however you do it, you won't be disappointed.